Board and Staff

Board and Staff 2017-12-13T01:22:59+00:00

Paul Katz, President
Jussi Reijonen, Vice President
Glenn Pudelka, Legal Counsel

Paul Katz, Founder and Artistic Director
Jussi Reijonen, Webmaster
Elana Katz, Video Editor and Graphics Consultant

New England Conservatory Work-Study Staff
Francesca McNeeley, Blogmaster; CelloChat; Artist Liaison
Ana Mora, Social Media; Jobs and Competitions
Sam Viguerie, Assistant Webmaster; Sponsorship

Partners: Site Design, Build, and Strategy
2009 Original Site Concept, Design, Build: Paul Katz, Arthur Smith (WGBH), Rafael DeStella (destella.creative)
2017 Redesign – Design: Paul Katz, Jussi Reijonen, Paul Boivin (Blink;Tech)
2017 Redesign – Site Build: Aatif Hussein (Blink;Tech)
Content Strategy and Development Consultant: Jenn Dungan

Considerable support and advice on the website provided by:
Daniel Steiner, NEC President, 2000-2006
Tony Woodcock, NEC President, 2008-2015
Ed Lesser, NEC Chief Financial Officer