Board and Staff

Board and Staff 2018-05-05T18:15:59+00:00

Paul Katz, President
Jussi Reijonen, Vice President
Glenn Pudelka, Legal Counsel

Paul Katz, Founder and Artistic Director
Jussi Reijonen, Webmaster
Pei-Shan Lee, Artistic Advisor
Elana Katz, Video Editor and Graphics Consultant

New England Conservatory Work-Study Staff
Francesca McNeeley, Blogmaster; CelloChat; Artist Liaison
Ana Mora, Social Media; Jobs and Competitions
Sam Viguerie, Assistant Webmaster; Sponsorship

Partners: Site Design, Build, and Strategy
2009 Original Site Concept, Design, Build: Paul Katz, Arthur Smith (WGBH), Rafael DeStella (destella.creative), Pei-Shan Lee
2017 Redesign – Design: Paul Katz, Jussi Reijonen, Paul Boivin (Blink;Tech)
2017 Redesign – Site Build: Aatif Hussein (Blink;Tech)
Content Strategy and Development Consultant: Jenn Dungan

Considerable support and advice on the website provided by:
Daniel Steiner, NEC President, 2000-2006
Tony Woodcock, NEC President, 2008-2015
Ed Lesser, NEC Chief Financial Officer