Right Hand

Projecting Pianissimo

Playing intimately, but for the last row of the audience.

Tschaikovsky Rococo: Var. #1 & 2 (Bow)

Cello lesson with Paul Katz.

Tschaikovsky Rococo: Theme (Bow)

Cello lesson with Paul Katz.

Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip

Cello lesson with Paul Katz.

Paul Katz on Pros & Cons of Bent Endpins

Companion video to "Sitting: Chair, Feet, Power at Tip"; interview with Rob Mayes.

A Cello Lesson with Leonard Rose

A masterful explanation by Rose of his theories of sitting and bow arm technique. Edited by Steven Honigberg.

Up and Down Bow Staccato

How to Practice the Stroke

Spiccato: Slow to Fast

Bouncing Bow at all Tempi

Artistry in Sound

Expressive Use of the Bow

Softness is Strength

TaiChi: Power/Flexibility