Tschaikovsky Rococo: Theme (Bow)


Tschaikovsky Rococo: Theme (Bow)

Cello lesson with Paul Katz.

  • Choice of bow stroke should communicate lightness, dance character
  • Choice of tempo  depends also on Variation 1 and 2
  • Different phrase shapes are  possible and desirable
  • The short notes in the theme are still part of the melody
  • Variety in the  shaping and timing makes the repeats more interesting
  • The arm and hand should feel upward and buoyant, not physically down or heavy
  • The right hand index finger starts each short note, with a light release that puts air and ring at the end of the stroke
  • Vibrato can enliven each note
  • Theme should sound in 2 beats to a bar, not in 4
  • Ends of short notes should have ring, resonance
  • Shape the first measure and all other bars of short notes by varying the bow stroke



The left hand is your thoughts, the right hand is your tongue.
–Gregor Piatigorsky


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