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Escher Triptych

M.C. Escher is known for his mind-bending prints that frequently created impossible geometry or meshed perspectives in unexpected ways. I remember learning about tessellations in a middle school math class [...]

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Two Canons

This set of two canons is loosely inspired by the Telemann Canonic Sonatas. These can be played by two cellists, or by one cellist either live with a delay patch, [...]

2017-12-08T09:14:17+00:00 Composed By |Instrumentation By Two Cellos, or Solo Cello with electronic delay|Work Type

Esoptron (Cello and Marimba)

Esoptron was written in response to Peter Randall-Page's sculpture Granite Song and the original Greek word 'esoptron' means 'reflection' or 'a mirror not made out of glass'. This is reminiscent [...]

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Written especially for cellist Keith Tempest, Oligos comes from being in a place that is neither here nor there, an 'almost' period of restless waiting to transition to a new [...]

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Colored Field

Composed after visiting the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau.

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Second Ballad

Commissioned by Stephanie Key for David Mollenaur's 50th Birthday.

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Meditation (in Memory of John Lennon)

Written shortly after John Lennon's death.

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On Distant Shores

Written for the Rioult Dance Company, the 2nd movement incorporates Air, originally for Cello and piano.

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String Quartet No. 2 “Six Faces”

Like the movements of my first string quartet, “Ars Mathematica,” the six movements of this work are inspired in part by paintings. The six paintings are Georges Braque’s "Girl with [...]

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