Site Credits

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New England Conservatory of Music (NEC)
With gratitude for their extraordinary support, encouragement, and expertise:

Daniel Steiner NEC President, 1999-2006
Tony Woodcock, NEC President
Ed Lesser, NEC Chief Financial Officer
Don Jones, NEC Vice-President for Institutional Advancement

Website Design and CelloBello Concept Consultant
Rafael DeStella, destella.creative

Website Programmers
Ethan James

With gratitude to the following people, for without their support this project would not have been possible:

Beverly Baker
Cecilia Benner
Dorothy and Leonard Cass
Corinne and Tim Ferguson
J. Stephen Friedlaender
Julie & Bayard Henry
Donna and Charles Hieken
Jong-Wan Kim and Sung-Sook Lee
Jung-Sook Min and Kyung-Hwan Lee
Nancy and Richard Lubin
Harold I. and Frances G. Pratt
Yong Dong Yeo and Myung Jin Seol
Mrs. Daniel Steiner

CelloBello Staff
Paul Katz,  Founder and Artistic Director
Jussi Reijonen, Webmaster
Adrienne Arditti, Assistant Webmaster
Emily Taubl, Blogmaster
Elana Katz, Video Editor, Graphics Consultant and Artist Liaison
Pei-Shan Lee, Artistic Advisor
Michelle Katz, Competitions, Jobs, Social Networks
Elizabeth Aureden, Lesson Text